There are so many bears in my life right now. Let me introduce you to Golden. He’s sweatheart.

There are so many bears in my life right now. Let me introduce you to Golden. He’s sweatheart.

Horrible Parents Trailer - YouTube

The new Ash Lendzion’s shortfilm ‘Horrible Parents’ starring Heather Morris, Ash Lendzion, Larisa Oleynik and John Weselcouch and shot by yours truly!

Coming this fall!


my dreams look like watercolors

distilled scenes from a future life- order et beauté
luxe, calm et volupté

domesticity, everyday life
blonde locks, everywhere, in a crib, in my bed

maybe a furry friend of two

and organic vegetables deliveries
and an electric car in the driveway

and her, her, her


but here here here

on a path sizzling near the abyss
oh so intriguing and tantalizing

because why not jumping and falling if this path isn’t going anywhere?

if there’s no blond locks? no organic deliveries? no electric car?

no her?

I like to think I’d rather die
in the same thought I miss the others

and crying in my sleep, I pray

all I ever want is 

(to have it all figure out)

I find it funny how people react to my little exile- all of them, always, surprised by the ambition, bluffed by the courage to go by myself…

and then…

and then I wish whoring the internets wasn’t such a valid occupation nowadays because all the lives of these others, displayed more or less perfectly through the screen, makes it hard to come to terms with our own decisions-

makes it hard to see the courageous and the ambition

it just shows all the voids we should attempt to fill

I still wonder what would have happened if my 13 years old self was still following best-friend-of-these-days

maybe she is, somewhere- I wonder if she’s happy

(but I know I will)

So happy to share my last project, ‘I Feel Love’ by N U I T!

Chapter 2

Réalisation, DP, editing : Camille Cotteverte / Colorgrading, FX : Cédric Rolando (
Featuring Ash Lendzion
So U See I Productions -
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Blog prints- ‘dear printed reading material, thanks for having an end. The internet doesn’t have one so I never know when to stop’ (

Blog prints- ‘dear printed reading material, thanks for having an end. The internet doesn’t have one so I never know when to stop’ (

Walking streets alone and eating dinner at tables for one — maybe with a book, maybe not — you’re left alone for hours, days on end with nothing but your own thoughts. You start talking to yourself, asking yourself questions and answering them, and taking in the day’s activities with a slowness and an appreciation that you’ve never before even attempted. Even just going to the grocery store — when in an exciting new place, when all by yourself, when in a new language — is a thrilling activity. And having to start from zero and rebuild everything, having to re-learn how to live and carry out every day activities like a child, fundamentally alters you. Yes, the country and its people will have their own effect on who you are and what you think, but few things are more profound than just starting over with the basics and relying on yourself to build a life again. I have yet to meet a person who I didn’t find calmed by the experience. There is a certain amount of comfort and confidence that you gain with yourself when you go to this new place and start all over again, and a knowledge that — come what may in the rest of your life — you were capable of taking that leap and landing softly at least once.

—Thought Catalog, “What Happens When You Live Abroad.” (via ablogwithaview)

I am not sure as of now about the ‘landing smoothly’ part but.. yes.

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you know what’s the worst about opening up?

meeting nothing; like, we never really think of that when reaching out, that it might be met with nothing

I have this problem a lot, here, in LA- I don’t know if it’s me because I’m French and them because they’re Americans, or if it’s just me (but the first option is way less scary)

and it hurts to be met with nothing, because then you have no option but to retract, and fast, before the entire thing rips you open from the crack you let them see

I hate this feeling

but I love what it makes me do
I reveal in the feeling
it sucks and I’ll cry a little before I fall asleep but I guess I learned something else, that I already knew- don’t be so quick dreaming about things, a little, yes, but you always go too far

so my only option is to come back, make a clean cut, and move on… to the next one.

(geeze, another one for you, letting go of things)

this whole ‘share your facebook movie’ that recounts all your time on the social network scares the shit out of me

(they might not be the worst but they’re the ones feeling the most like Big Brother. 1984 anyone?)


I have a blog somewhere on the internet that is not really accessible anymore

like a testimony of ‘the life before

like a journal, really. I wonder if there’s a way to print it, somewhere, because I should keep it, all of it

because now I know. Gosh, how miserable can we be?

it’s like two years- very intense years where 286 posts are going strong

(and I found a website that can make a book out of it. I’m gonna call it ‘Ma vie d’avant’. It also means I can delete this part of the internet now)